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Social Media Promotions Of The Week: 22/02/13

There were only four SMPWs that really stood out this week, so to make up for the missing fifth I have included five of the best brand “Harlem Shake” videos.

1. NiveaStresstest

Nivea’s recent stunt, a cruel but amusing prank posted on YouTube, has topped the viral video chart.

Nivea’s German branch took photos of unsuspecting members of the public and made them out to be wanted criminals: publishing the photos in a newspaper and broadcasting the photo and the person’s description on a television and over the airport announcement system.

The video currently has over 4 million views on YouTube.

2. Topps TilesShow Off Your Style


Flooring experts Topps Tiles are running a competition online asking DIY amateurs to show off their best attempts at interior design and home renovation.

The competition is fronted by celebrity interior designer Julia Kendell and is judged, in part, by the Topps Tiles community, with the final decision made by a panel of specialists.

To enter, contestants have to take a photo of their efforts, share it on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and get their friends to vote on the competition page.

The overall winner will be given an iPad 4 and a home makeover for them or a friend or relative, overseen by Julia Kendell.

“I am thrilled to be a part of this drive by Topps Tiles to create an online forum for ideas,” said Kendell. “I’m excited about joining the judging panel and look forward to seeing the handiwork of professionals and homeowners up and down the country.”

3. ASOS#DenimPairs


In celebration of London Fashion Week, clothes retailers ASOS are trying to help women find their perfect pair of Jeans.

As part of their denim campaign “Jeans, Born Again”, ASOS is encouraging people to tweet in a pair of numbers using the hashtag #DenimPairs.

If the numbers match the numbers that ASOS has on their cards, they will have a chance to win their ideal pair of jeans.

4. KonamiMetal Gear Art Studio


This week, the new instalment of the Metal Gear series, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, was released. To advertise the new game, the release of which coincides with Metal Gear’s 25th anniversary, Konami has created the Metal Gear Art Studio.

In the Metal Gear Art Studio, amateur artists are invited to draw Metal Gear inspired sketches with software designed to imitate the programs used by Konami’s actual designers.

Artists are sketching on up to four different canvases at any one time, each effort viewable live by anyone online.

Konami encourages users to share the page on Twitter, Facebook or via email. However, the prewritten tweet has too many characters in English, so it requires the sharer to edit it.

Every three weeks, Konami’s designers select their favourite picture.

5. Harlem Shake.

SeaWorld San Antonio:


KSLA News:

Manchester City FC:


Which is your favourite Harlem Shake video?

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