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Facebook Replace Menlo Park Like Sign With Poke

imageFacebook have replaced the ‘Like’ sign in front of their Menlo Park headquarters with a ‘Poke’ sign.

Poke is Facebook’s most recent standalone app, taking its inspiration from self-deleting messenger app Snapchat.

The new ‘Poke’ sign displays the same poking finger symbol as their old Poke function, which allowed users to instantly connect with their friends without the need for messages.

The new Poke app is a complete rebranding of the original Poke, only retaining the name and symbol. With it, users can send messages that delete themselves from the sender’s phone, the recipients phone and all servers after a few seconds.

“To celebrate the launch of our new Poke app, designers Sharon Hwang, Tim Belonax, Ben Barry and Mike Matas—together with the team at New Bohemia Signs—had a little fun changing the sign in front of our Menlo Park HQ,” says Facebook on its Design page.

The sign is an obvious publicity stunt from the Facebook team, who are marketing Poke as a way to “share fun moments” with your friends “or just say hello”.

It is unlikely that the Poke app will ever have a place in the business world, where all correspondence needs to be documented.

Do you think Poke will become popular?

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