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Skydiver smashes YouTube live stream record

The live stream of Felix Baumgartner’s Stratospheric skydive attracted over 8 million viewers on YouTube, a Google blog confirmed, setting a new record for concurrent livestreams.


‘I know the whole world is watching now’, said a breathless Baumgartner as he stepped out onto the platform, 128,100 feet above the earth, ‘I wish you could see what I see’. Even before the jump, 7.1 million viewers had tuned in to watch Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos team prepare, dwarfing the record of 500,000 set during the London Olympics.

Even though the 8 million viewers on Youtube weren’t able to appreciate the true magnificence of Baumgartner’s view, they were given unprecedented coverage thanks to cameras mounted on the capsule which carried him up and on the helicopters which hovered over the landing site.

The world watched as Baumgartner plummeted through the air, reaching speeds of 833.9 mph and breaking both the speed of sound and the previous record set for maximum vertical velocity. Having fallen 119,846 feet, Baumgartner deployed his parachute, gently gliding down to the New Mexican desert.

Both before and after Baumgartner’s feet had safely touched the ground, people were glued to their monitors. Red Bull Stratos’s YouTube channel has been inundated with viewers over the last two days, whether catching up on the excitement of yesterday or continuing to follow the remarkable story as its aftermath unfolds: over 1,000,000 watched the instructional video on how to watch the live stream alone.

Other social media sites have also registered a lot of the skydiver’s traffic: #felixbaumgartner is currently trending in the top ten on twitter, Felix himself has over 1,000,000 likes of Facebook, 29,000 people wrote their opinion of the skydive on a Reddit thread and Google reported over 2,000,000 searches for ‘Felix Baumgartner’ on Sunday.

The Red Bull Stratos’s mission statement was ‘to transcend human limits that [had] existed for 50 years’. Not only have they reached stratospheric heights in human achievement, they have set the bar incredibly high for future livestream events, illustrating how popular live web streaming has become.

In 2003, Baumgartner become the first person to skydive across the English Channel, an achievement viewed online via a highlights reel by 700,000 people; 10 years later, Baumgartner’s live skydive was watched by 8,000,000, more than ten times that number. What will Baumgartner do next? Skydive from even higher, or even further, than before? Whatever the next challenge the Red Bull team set for themselves, you can be certain that the world will be watching.

What do you think Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos team should do next?

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