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Could Social Media Help Define Britain’s Borders?

16 and 17-year-olds will be given the vote on Scottish independence in 2014 thanks to a deal struck between the English and Scottish Parliaments.

According to a recent poll taken by the Mail on Sunday only 26% of 18 to 24-year-olds support Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmon, despite the Scottish National Party campaigning online.

The Scottish National Party have been extremely active on social media sites in an attempt to drum up support for Scottish Independence among young people. In a recent interview, Labour MSP John Parks admitted that the SNP were way ahead of his party when it came to campaigning on social media sites.

The Scottish National Party has over 22,000 likes on Facebook at the time of writing, and a petition to vote “Yes” on independence which has been circulating online, mostly via Facebook, has over 100,000 signatures. The SNP also registered the most Twitter traffic in the latter stages of the last election, according to a study by totalpolitics.com.

In an article last month, Guardian reporter Clyn Gallagher said that the appeal of the SNP is not merely due to its modern campaigning, but also its modern image: compared to the English Parliamentary system of “public-school suits”, said Gallagher, “the SNP is a cheeky renegade”.

However, there is yet to be any correlative evidence that the SNP’s social media presence has had any effect on their campaign for Scottish independence. Perhaps after the question of independence has rebounded around Twitter and Facebook for two years, and the young voters have been given a chance to ruminate on the idea, social media’s effect on the issue will become clear.

What role do you think social media will have in Scotland's vote on independence?

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