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5 Top Tips For Businesses On Twitter

Twitter’s speed, simplicity and versatility has increased its popularity astronomically every year since its conception in 2006. With around 340 million tweets posted daily, Twitter has become the world’s forum.

Used correctly, Twitter will keep any business current and relevant, as well as providing the perfect platform for market research.


1. Before you start, ask yourself these question:
  • How often are you going to tweet?
  • What are you going to tweet?
  • Who is your target audience?
Before you create your Twitter account you need to work out a strategy. You need to be sure to maintain an active and consistent presence on Twitter, posting regular tweets that portray your business how you wish it to be portrayed.

2. Follow and be followed:

The best way to build a base of followers is to start following others: follow experts, competitors and industry leaders in your field, engage with them on a professional level. The more active you are in your field, the more people in your target audience will hear about you.

Engage with your local community. Even though Twitter is worldwide, it is still important to maintain connections locally.

3. Keep your tweets interesting:

Ensure that people are reading your tweets. Advise and inform with your tweets: retweet an interesting comment from an industry expert, tweet a link to an informative blog article, but make sure you predominately tweet your own opinion, don’t just regurgitate what everyone else is saying.

You only have 140 characters, so make sure your tweets are concise and clear. You can also have fun with your tweets: some of the most popular trends on Twitter are quick quizzes or interesting facts.

4. Connect with and monitor your followers:

Twitter can be invaluable to any business as a B2C or B2B interface. A business can connect and communicate with a consumer or business on Twitter instantaneously and on a personal or professional level.

In conjunction with an account managing platform such as Ezeesocial, your company can use Twitter to monitor trends of consumer interest. With the statistics account managing services provide, Twitter becomes a valuable market research tool.

5. Stay active:

The world of social media moves very quickly. Every day, thousands of trends pop up and disappear. It is important to stay up-to-date on Twitter, so even if you don’t post anything, make sure you know what’s going on.

Make sure that you also keep your followers up-to-date with relevant information about your company. An informed follower is a happy follower.

Tell us about how you promote your company on Twitter.

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