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5 Top Tips For Businesses On Facebook

With its numerous features and applications, Facebook is a vital tool for any business. In fact, it is difficult to list all of the possibilities Facebook provides in only five bullet points. Although this list is geared towards small and start-up businesses, any company will benefit from taking its advice.

1. Before you start, ask yourself these questions:

· How do you want to portray yourself? 
· Who is your target audience?
· What makes you different from your competitors?

You need to make sure that your page makes the right first impression. Ensure that all the information on your Facebook page is detailed and accurate.


2. Link your Facebook page to your website:

Facebook not only allows you to put links to your website on your company’s profile page, but also links to your blog, Twitter account, YouTube channel and other social media accounts. It is vital that any visitor to your page can easily find your website.

3. Make your page interesting:

Pictures and embedded videos are far more eye-catching than text. If you have products that you are proud of, then show them off. Make sure your URL is unique and relevant to your company.

Your cover photo will be the first thing visitors see, make sure it says everything about your company that it can. Your profile photo gives you another opportunity to grab people’s attention.


4. Engage with your visitors:

Getting people to ‘Like’ your page is incredibly important: electronic Word of Mouth is the main way to increase company awareness on Facebook . A ‘Like’ from a visitor will be seen on the Newsfeeds of their friends. Direct your visitors’ attention to the ‘Like’ button on your page.

Reward loyal customers with prizes or extra content. If someone raises awareness of your company on Facebook make sure you reward them for their effort, and make doubly sure you post about it. A competition will draw visitors onto your page as well, but make sure the prize is something worthwhile.

Read and respond to the posts that customers put on your page. You can even set up a Customer Support system on your Facebook page as many of your customers will already be on Facebook.


5. Manage your Facebook page:

If you post too frequently fans of your page will become sick of spam cluttering up their newsfeed. If you don’t post frequently enough people will forget about you. Post regularly, but make sure you have something valuable or interesting to say, such as the announcement of a new product.

Delete any Apps and Tabs if customers are not engaging with them or if they are out-dated: too much information on a page can dissuade casual visitors (and most Facebook users are casual) from clicking anything.

Tell us about how you promote your company on Facebook. 

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