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Instagram May be Going after YouTube with New Long-form Video Hub Launching June 20th

According to reports from TechCrunch and WSJ, Instagram have been quietly planning a subtle departure from their usual high-volume, short-form approach to media and are in fact planning to take on YouTube at their own game with the launch of a brand new professional video platform housing long-form content up to one hour in duration. Now it seems that we may have a launch date for the new hub, or at least a formal announcement on the way.

This revelation again comes from sources speaking to TechCrunch, who report that select reporters have now begun to receive invitations to a “special event” on June 20th – a date which lines up perfectly with initial reports of the long-form video hub’s launch.

The invitation reads, “Instagram has some news to share, and we want you to be the first to hear about it.”

As you can see the company haven’t provided much detail, or in fact any at all, but if insider reports are to be believed then this invitation could well be to the official announcement or perhaps even launch of the new video platform.

In terms of what sort of video video quality you can expect, think of YouTube’s home-based creators or Snapchat’s Discover feature rather than Netflix’s high budget approach. The new platform will reportedly feature 4K capability but it will be up to the creators to make use of this, which many YouTube stars simply do not.

We are yet to hear hint of a name for this new platform, or any specifics at all really, but hopefully all will become clear after the event has taken place.

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