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YouTube Planning to Release New Kids App Relying on Human Moderation over Algorithms

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In the wake of some pretty well-publicised criticism directed at YouTube as of late for what has been described as their poor handling of content on their dedicated Kids app, the company are reportedly planning to release a brand new version of the app which will be manually curated by human hands rather than trusting the process to algorithms. It is hoped that this will help prevent the spread of inappropriate content on the platform.

A source reportedly told BuzzFeed News that the new version of the YouTube Kids app will do away with algorithmically suggested videos altogether, instead only displaying videos from channels hand-picked by a team of YouTube curators. This new ‘whitelisted’ version of the app will be presented to users as an optional feature alongside the regular version of the app.

When approached for comment by BuzzFeed News YouTube did not confirm any of the speculation; though they did not deny it either, simply stating that they “don’t comment on rumour or speculation”. The source however told BuzzFeed that plans are well underway and that the new version of the app could be released in a matter of weeks.

Given how the YouTube Kids app - intended for use by those under the age of 13 - has been plagued early on by sexually-explicit or otherwise inappropriate content slipping through the filters and onto the platform, the company will certainly be hoping that this new moderation process is successful in preventing future occurrences. I do find it somewhat curious that the algorithmic version, which is known to be flawed, is remaining as an option alongside the new version, but perhaps YouTube are simply waiting to see how successful it proves to be before embarking on a full-on overhaul.

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