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Twitter Bucks Expectations with Social Media’s Best Performing Stock of the Year

Twitter’s apparent financial woes have been widely documented throughout many an article over quite some time, so when asked to predict the best performing stock over a given year it stands to reason that you would look past the company in favour of more obviously popular apps and platforms such as the ever-present Facebook and teen-favourite Snapchat. You would however be wrong to do so.

Twitter's stock performance for the year to date has far surpassed that of rival social platforms Facebook and Snapchat, climbing by nearly 50%. This figure is over double that of Snapchat’s 24% gain and makes Facebook’s 5% look rather feeble.

Twitter’s stock is also the best performer for the past 12 months with share values climbing by more than 130% during this time. Facebook meanwhile have managed just 30%.

Whether this will prove to be an indication of an approaching end to Twitter’s financial woes, only time will truly tell. The platform does still maintain a position as one of the leading hotbeds for online discussion, and it will take a lot to remove them from the scene entirely; this latest stock report is merely further evidence of that.

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