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Search-based Targeting Tool Introduced for Brands on YouTube, Driven by Google Data

As part of the platform’s brand new ‘Custom Intent Audiences’ suite made available via AdWords on Tuesday, YouTube is now allowing brands and marketers to  target ads to people who recently searched for related products and services on The new tool will also enable the targeting of consumers based on anonymised information that Google collects on people across its wider network of sites.

“Five years ago when we launched Google Preferred, [advertisers] wanted to navigate the entire body of YouTube a little bit more easily with more of a content lens and buying more similar to television,” said Tara Walpert Levy, Google’s VP of Agency and Media Solutions. “The ability to overlay that audience interest in order to get the right messages to the right people against that most attractive content is something the market seems finally ready for.”

Basically, the new tool would allow companies to place ads in front of people who have recently searched for or otherwise viewed relevant topics on any one of Google’s various websites and platforms, simply by creating a keyword list for the video campaign in the new AdWords experience.

“Google is taking the best of what they do with search, with maps, with some of their apps, and they’re taking that data and applying it to their TV-like object, which is Google Preferred. It’s smart,” said Susan Schiekofer, GroupM Chief Digital Investment Officer.

The new tool is just one of a series of new updates rolled out by Google in recent times, with another notable example being TrueView for Action Ads. This allows advertisers to apply customised calls-to-action along with their video ads on YouTube, with Target CPA bidding being set automatically.

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