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‘Sicky Selfies’ On the Rise as 1-in-10 Brits Turn to Social Media for Sympathy & Attention

There are many reasons one might stop to take a selfie, be it pure vanity, a particularly good-hair-day, or simply the opportunity to capture a stunning backdrop. Some motivations are however a little harder to get your head around, such as the influx of people who choose to post pictures of themselves looking downright downtrodden as a result of illness. Who exactly is this supposed to benefit or even interest?

According to a new and detailed study of 1,000 UK adults conducted by Ultra Chloraseptic, as many as one-in-ten adults take advantage of sick days to post pictures online with the intention of garnering sympathy and attention from friends and family; among those aged 18-24, this figure rises sharply to two-in-five.

For 40% of these individuals, sympathy was admitted to be the biggest motivating factor behind posting pictures of themselves when ill. One-in-ten stated that they do so when taking sick days from work in order to ‘prove’ to their boss that they are in fact unwell - at least there’s a practical aspect to that one…

Going beyond the ‘art’ of selfie-taking, the study also revealed that Brits are more than willing to use a cough, cold or sore throat to avoid attending social events, with nearly half of respondents admitting to doing so; a further 13% said they hadn’t, but later wished they had.

It was further revealed weekend dinner or drinks (44%), work events (29%), a friend’s birthday (26%) and a family party (24%) were the events most likely to be avoided. Lots of social media, not so much of the actual ‘social’, it would seem.

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