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Pinterest's Iconic 'Pin It' Button is No More

When you think of Pinterest, you think of pins. While in reality they simply act as bookmarks, saving something for later perusal, pins have taken hold online and are a big part of Pinterest's brand identity. Now, in what may seem like a minor change but could potentially have far-reaching ramifications, they have decided to drop their iconic 'Pin It' button, renaming it instead to simply 'Save'.

The logic behind the change is that, as Pinterest push for more global growth, the 'Save' term will be more universally recognised, as the pin-board metaphor is more widely used in the western world than it is in eastern countries such as Japan. The reasoning seems sound, although if users like the service offered by Pinterest, I'm pretty sure they'd get to grips with that terminology pretty quickly (it is part of their name, after all). However, my main concern about this change has more to do with their aforementioned brand identity.

Much like the 'liking' something became synonymous with Facebook, and Twitter have their re-tweets, 'Pin It' buttons appearing around the web helped to subtly reinforce the brand in people's minds. As a far more generic term, the 'Save' button is unlikely to have any kind of comparable effect.

It is currently uncertain as to what effect this change will have on not only their growth, but also their existing user base. It seems unlikely that the change will drive people away, but I am unconvinced that it will help draw in any new users either. I suppose all we can really do is wait and see.

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. Currently working as Editor of Social Songbird, he hopes to one day drop that 'aspiring' prefix. Follow him @Songbird_Sam

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Pinterest's Iconic 'Pin It' Button is No More Reviewed by Sam Bonson on Monday, June 06, 2016 Rating: 5
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