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Inkhunter App Lets You Preview a Tattoo Before Committing to the Needle

Everyone has wondered about taking the plunge into tattooed life. It requires a considerable commitment of skin and money, a lifetime of ink that can't actually be reverted (well, it can for an ample fee). It's a real problem that almost everyone has battled with at one point or another, should you take the plunge or not? Currently, Millennials (those born from the early 1980's to 2000's) are having an affair with tattoos that's historically unrivalled with four in ten Americans aged 18-29 having at least one tattoo. Even more inked are the Brits, with one in five sporting tats.

Well then, should you join the revolution? 

Look no further than Inkhunter, an app that allows users to scan a sketch or tattoo onto a personal photo using augmented reality. Simply draw a smiley face anywhere you'd like and the chosen tattoo or sketch will replace the smiley. Once placed, it can be manipulated in size and orientation. The final picture can be edited and shared to see what your friends think! 

The app stems from a small team of spirited developers based in Ukraine. With the annual amount spent on tattoos exceeding one trillion USD, these developers have really come through for the average consumer in the creation of this app.

Jacqui Litvan, wielding a bachelor's degree in English, strives to create a world of fantasy amidst the ever-changing landscape of military life. Attempting to become a writer, she fuels herself with coffee (working as a barista) and music (spending free time as a raver). Follow her @Songbird_Jacqui

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Inkhunter App Lets You Preview a Tattoo Before Committing to the Needle Reviewed by Jacqueline Litvan on Friday, April 22, 2016 Rating: 5

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