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#Thanksgiving Commences 2015 Season of #Struggleplates

Thanksgiving gives us so much to be thankful for. And, well, a bombardment of unappetising (to say the least) dishes that we're not so grateful of. Instagram and Thanksgiving both have a common denominator: food. Which means that the social sharing site, amongst others, sees an ever greater flourish of meal pics from wouldn't-be chefs who are so impressed with their culinary prowess that they have to share it on social media, much to the ridicule of the online public. @CookingForBae is an Instagram account solely dedicated to a prolific display of these food disasters, with Twitter being inundated too with the appetite-suppressing dishes. Whilst Thanksgiving may be the kick-starter of the trend, something tells me it's likely to continue right through the festive season.

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 Katie Gascoyne

SMF rookie, fresh out of academia, looking forward to more creative ventures. With a love of current affairs, green tea and an ever insatiable wanderlust, Katie is ready to have her voice heard. Follow her @KatieAtSMF

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