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Starbucks to Launch Order & Pay App to Make Your Life That Little Bit More Lazy

In the latest development of human-contact-avoidance technology, Starbucks are to release an app dedicated to the pre-order of your 'essential' skinny soya caramel macchiato. Whilst some office workers may see the coffee run as a much-welcomed intermission from the insipid staring at the PC screen that their job entails, the app allows the customer to pre-order food and beverages before reaching the store. This means no waiting in line when you're in a rush, and more importantly no awkward exchanges with baristas who spell your stupidly simple name wrong (we've all been there).

Offering mobile payment convenience with integrated loyalty rewards, the service is already available in 7,400 stores in the US, and will be rolled out to the UK and Canada this October.

If that wasn't exciting enough, you can also keep track of your coffee with feverish anticipation as it progresses from conception to construction to completion; the app provides a countdown until the approximate time your order is ready for pick up.

Starbucks even have the feel-good-factor on their side: when speaking to Mashable, the coffee aficionados claimed to have great feedback from persons with speech and hearing disabilities.

Looks like the revolution is here guys, and it comes in the form of a don't-wait-for-your-frap-app.

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