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Social Songbird thanks Shakespeare for its song; “The bird of dawning singeth all night long.”

Today we say Happy Birthday to the great man who still lives and speaks on our tongues. To some he roars, to others squeaks, whether our eyes do pour or peek. Ignorance of his impact leaves our language bleak and blue.

The man of the hour has inspired some of the greatest talent of our times, but his influence doesn't end there. To see just how tightly woven William's words are to our everyday language, enjoy the below video in the hope that in 450 years we'll be celebrate her birth and works too;

Kate Tempest: 

'Nuff Said.

But not quite...

This morning Twitter has been particularly tuneful, mellow and shrill as the world celebrates the Birth, life and death of William Shakespeare. On this day (Roughly) in 1564 a great man to-be was born. A man whose work would achieve great success, and in later years he would have the title of the greatest writer thrust upon him.

Here's a couple of our favourite tweets so far:

To build, or not to build…that’s not a hard question at all! Happy 450th #Birthday #WilliamShakespeare !

It looks like the world of social media has held its interest more firmly in patriotic pageantry of the Syrian St George. However, as key figure in the national curriculum, we are constantly reminded of the achievements of William Shakespeare, so all's well.

So tonight celebrate, just not too hard...

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