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New Messaging App: Pip!

Send Me A Pip

Some people may cringe and moan about yet another mobile messaging app. We already have Facebook Messenger, which most of us were forced to get, Whatsapp, Viber, and even iMessage. But there are loads more, so do we really need a new one?

But Pip is different from your usual messaging app, it lets you send specific messages to your friends (who also need to have the app, of course). For example, you're supposed to be meeting a friend for a few drinks, but you're running a little bit late. Instead of sending them a lengthy message about how and why you might not be on time, 'Pip' lets you send a specific message with the tap of a finger. Making it a lot quicker and easier for you to get your message across,

The app will remind you of 'Yo', the messaging app that lets you send one 'Yo' to your friends, but 'Pip', is a lot more useful and less gimmicky. 

The pre-written messages you can send to your friends include: "Call me", "Did you do that thing?" and even "Where are you?". You have the option of also sending your friend your location and even what the weather is like where you are.

This new concept is brought to you by AOL Alpha, a 20 person team that develops mobile apps for the company. Ryan Block told TechCrunch: "We don't want to take over your messaging. We just want to make some of the most common or useful messages even easier to send and even more useful." 

At the moment only a few pre-written 'Pips' are available to use, but the team that developed it, has announced that they may be releasing customized 'Pips'. These 'Pips' could be for lovers, with little messages such as 'I Love You', or even 'I Miss You'. 

This new app definitely does not resemble any others, and brings something new to the table. While the 'I'm Running Late' and 'Send My Location' will save users precious time they would've lost typing a text, it would be shame that this form of communication takes over our every interaction. Using a 'Pip' to talk to a loved one instead of writing them a personalized message, even if it is just a text, is just lazy and worrying. While technology is taking over every aspect of our lives, we should still be able to talk to our family and friends without using pre-written messages chosen by a messaging app.

While I admire Pips ingenuity and clever design, I would like to think that they will not take over the way we communicate to each other but that they will be used sporadically

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