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American Sports Fans Love Instagram

U-S-A Loves Social Media

Mobile phones are everywhere. Due to their small size, large influence and social acceptability, they’ve gradually seeped into all social situations over the years. Once upon a time, it was considered rude to crack out your mobile during, say, a dinner date. Now it’s perfectly acceptable, and people actually think it’s strange to converse in any way other than Facebook Messenger while mid-date (my last one was actually pretty successful; many smiling, racially diverse emoji were shared).

Some things, though, should remain sacred. While talking to our nearest and dearest is something that people like me have been trying to eradicate for centuries, trips to sports venues should be appreciated as much as they possibly can be. When I’m watching the mighty Ipswich Town, I have no desire to see what my friends are moaning about on Facebook. Apparently, though, other social networks have begun to rear their ugly heads.

Curse you and your pretty effects, Instagram!

According to official Instagram stats, some of the most popular geotags in each state come from sports stadiums. The good news is that this proves people’s addiction levels with Instagram are raising to near-Facebook levels, supporting the recent theories that Facebook is losing its dominance (despite Facebook owning Instagram anyway, more competition at the top is better it is for all of us). The bad news is that we’re raising an army of zombies who can’t take their eyes off their phones for two minutes, even when their favourite highly padded team is kicking all kinds of ass in a four hour long game of American handegg.

While Disneyland, the Grand Canyon and America’s other massive tourist attractions were, predictably, top in their respective states (I’d tell you which ones those are, but I can’t be bothered to Google it), 17 in total had their most popular Instagram locales as sports stadiums and arenas. 

(Source: travel247.ie)

This makes sense for various reasons. 

One: nowadays, we don’t seem to think that people will believe we've actually been somewhere unless we post an effect-heavy selfie of us there. Two: to some, American football stadiums and the like are tourist attractions. Many who visit foreign countries wish to sample a taste of the local sports scene, whether they’re in Spain, Portugal or the US of A. Although, with the latter, we don't want to check out the sports until we've taken a stab at eating a supersize meal to ourselves.

What’s a sporting occasion without a blurry fan photo attached to it, anyway?

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