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'Say Thanks' On Facebook

Don't Look Back In Anger

You really want to show your gratitude to your best friend, but don't really know how. You could get them a present, get them a nice card or simply tell them face to face how much you appreciate their support. Well, Facebook have come up with an alternative. You will now be able to 'Say Thanks' to your friends and family via a Facebook video.
Last year, Facebook released a 'Look Back' video which showed Facebook users your best moments on Facebook. About 200 million people used the service and shared it onto their timeline. 'Say Thanks' works along the same lines as 'Look Back', but it's in between you and a friend and lets you have more creative control than 'Look Back'.

With 'Say Thanks', you can choose a theme between 'Friends' or 'Old Friends'. Each theme has its own music and background. With 'Look Back', Facebook predetermined your best photos and statuses and so you had no choice but to accept them, but with 'Say Thanks' you will be able to "to select a different theme and edit photos and posts that represent your friendship." This means you can choose your favourite pictures that represent your best memories. 

With Thanksgiving, America's favourite holiday, coming up, it's easy to imagine that Facebook's new service will be taking over our News Feeds. With all our Facebook friends sending each other their old Facebook videos, our inner stalker will probably be delighted, but after watching a few you've probably seen them all
The good thing about 'Look Back' was that after doing it once, no one really did it again. There was only a few days of it dominating our News Feeds. But 'Say Thanks' is completely different. Although it was released just in time for Thanksgiving, it isn't temporary. The service will never be removed. Meaning that it could litter our News Feed all year round.

But really, there is no better way than expressing your gratitude towards someone than sending them a Facebook video. 

Laura is a recent graduate from University of East Anglia in Film and Television Studies, currently interning as a content writer but hoping to one day live off her writing. Follow her @LauraAtSMF.

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