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Offensively Named Drink Pulled From Menu After Outcry

Not So Phunny

The Phunky Elephant in New York has just pulled a dessert drink from its menu after a huge outcry on social mediaThe drink in question? A ‘Roofie Colada’. Yep, that’s right folks. This was deemed appropriate for the menu. It’s not like this is a serious issue, so we can make light of it by naming tasty drinks after it. Charming. 

The drink hybrid has been on the Phunky Elephant’s menu since the summer and has been racking up complaints since it was first introduced. Restaurant owner Patricia Gaja commented that they’d been receiving backlash for a while, but that recently it had started to ‘get out of hand.’


I can’t help but wonder what they could have done to prevent the complaints getting out of hand. It couldn't be as easy as just renaming it immediately, could it? No – heavens that would be too simple. Why not commit social media suicide first while you’re at it?

When patron Ilyssa Silfen first complained to the restaurant on their Facebook page after she had dined there, the Phunky Elephant duly replied: “For the record, you know that there aren't any 'date rape' drugs in this dessert, right? Just to be clear because I think you're taking this a little too far."

Sure, that's the issue. People are assuming a restaurant is going to roofie them. It can't have anything to do with people being offended.

Whoever runs your social media needs lessons in much more than just customer relations. This complaint was first registered in June. We’re now in November and the restaurant is only just admitting it was in the wrong now. That’s nearly six months of burying your head in the sand and telling yourself that ‘people are over-reacting’. If you want to see how restaurants' social media should be handled, just take a look at how Nando's runs things.


The Phunky Elephant did eventually apologise, take a look: “We certainly did not intend to create an impression of reckless or negligent behaviour by presenting the desert at question to our guests nor did we mean to make anyone feel uncomfortable or insulted. This desert name was simply homage to an adult cartoon and there was no malice. We obviously do not support date rape or any sort of violence for that matter."

I find this attitude mind boggling. How on earth as a company can you not understand the issues with having a drink mocking date rape on your menu? Worst of all, how can you then defend it for so long? The restaurant revealed that the drink had been named after a joke from Family Guy. Now, I love Family Guy, and sometimes my humour can lead towards the dark side. But Family Guy has its risqué moments and those moments should not be used as measures for what jokes are acceptable on your menu.


Despite all the complaints, the restaurant has also received support from followers on social media. One user commented: 'This is what's wrong with society, I'm sorry, why does everything have to be Politically correct? I'm so tired. People know you meant no harm, it's just ridiculous how people can turn something around.' 

Sorry, but I think the issue with 'society' is that a restaurant trivialised such a serious issue and then proceeded to defend their choice.

Some people may say this is an overreaction. Unfortunately, it's not - this response is required if we're ever going to learn anything and make some progress. Either way, the drink has now been pulled from the menu until it is appropriately renamed. It’s a shame really, as the contents of the drink do sound tasty. It’s even topped with a fried doughnut.

Unfortunately, I think I've lost my appetite. 

Tom has just graduated from University of East London in Creative and Professional Writing. He loves writing and is currently interning as content writer hoping to go further. His other loves include Arnold Schwarzenegger films and his dog. Follow him @TomAtSMF

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