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Nando's Is The Most Engaging Brand On Twitter

Chicken Wings Win

Nando's has 1.43 Million followers on Twitter and 3 Million likes on Facebook, 1.4 Million more than T.G.I Fridays. The Portuguese inspired chicken fast food chain has the most engaging food and beverage brand on social media in the U.K according to a new study conducted by eDigitalResearch.

While the research shows that Starbucks and Costa Coffee are the most engaging brands on all social media, Nando's comes first on Twitter.  What makes Nando's so distinctive compared to other brands in the same field is that they have the biggest following in the U.K., specifically, compared to others who have massive world wide followings. However, this is a massive advantage for Nando's as they are able to interact with people on a more localised level. What makes Nando's so successful on social media?

According to eDigitalResearch, who also carefully analysed Nando's social media marketing, Nando's have been running "a creative and integrated social media campaign." The fast food company have recognised, better than most food and beverage brands, that social media is a powerful tool to interact with their audience.

A great example of this is their campaign Finger Selfies: you had to tweet a picture of your best finger selfie using a Nando's napkin, with the hastag #WingRoulette. The 25 best selfies would receive a £20 Nando's gift card. This is clearly a very powerful social media campaign from the prize to the smart hashtag used.


First of all, a Finger Selfie is a very easy thing to do, just use your fingers and your smart phone or camera. Something everyone has access to, meaning that anyone can participate in the challenge. Furthermore, having to do it on a Nando's napkin means that you most likely will have to go to Nando's for a cheeky meal to perfect your Finger Selfie. Nando's also chose a great hashtag, with the potential to go viral and dominate the 'trending' part of Twitter.

Another thing that makes Nando's such a social media guru is that they know their audience. They know who they want to reach with their campaigns. Nando's target audience is young people; people that are likely to use social media every day and likely to participate in these online campaigns. The eDigitalResearch study also shows that Nando's, on their Twitter, manage to appeal to individuals rather than groups.

The most interesting thing the study demonstrated was that what mattered on social media wasn't the quantity of posts but the quality of them. Nando's post less than other brands but their posts are more engaging and relevant to its audience.

Anyone that wants to run a successful social media campaign should really take a look at Nando's strategies. Meanwhile, this article has made me very hungry, I'm off to Nando's for some lunch.

Laura is a recent graduate from University of East Anglia in Film and Television Studies, currently interning as a content writer but hoping to one day live off her writing. Follow her @LauraAtSMF.

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