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Facebook Sees Least Growth In Magazine Social Media Presence

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest Grow At Faster Rate

Facebook, despite remaining all-powerful, has been slowing down a little as of late. Despite still being the most viewed social media website by an embarrassingly large distance, its signup rate appears to have finally topped off (it’s difficult to keep encouraging new people to make Facebook accounts when literally everyone in the known universe already has one).

Still, it’s interesting to watch the smaller social networks attempt to kick, scrap and claw their way onto Facebook’s pedestal. According to a set of statistics released last month, Instagram has been doing this better than its peers recently (at least with this year’s wave of fifteen and under year olds), and recent figures released by The Association of Magazine Media support the stats published last month.
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The MPA has published data tracked over the last three months by SocialFlow, who have been following the audiences of 165 magazines. While Facebook remains the social network with the largest number of magazine brand followers (with about 198 million enthusiasts), it is no longer the one and only option it once was. Twitter, in second with 86 million, is followed by outsider Google+, which enjoys a surprisingly impressive 69 million. Instagram follows with 20m, then Pinterest with 19m.

While the above statistics may appear exactly as you’d expect (apart from Google+ having a decent chunk of market share), what's interesting is the percentage increase each of the sites have had over this period of time. While Facebook's totals are huge, their ability to pull in new magazine enthusiasts seems to have stagnated. In September, there was only a 2.4% increase in the total number of magazine page likes and interactions. Instagram topped this table, with a huge jump of 10.6 percent. Twitter followed in third with a 3.4 percent increase. Nothing to boast about, but still more than Facebook.

Again, this supports the evidence that Instagram is becoming increasingly popular among youngsters. Here, the picture sharing site strutted its peacock feathers as a fashion-centric social media platform, and the majority of the popular magazines on the social network were glam mags such as GQ, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair and Glamour.

In case you care about really boring things (you must be a regular reader), Time Magazine dominated the number of followers from one magazine, with 20 million people choosing to receive updates from the publication across all the major social media networks. Playboy was second with 18.7 million in total, but with over 16 million likes, it was the most popular brand on Facebook by a huge distance.
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In a statement, MPA CEO Mary Berner had the following to say: “While there is still no broad agreement on what actually matters in social media, the insights gleaned from this report can be valuable in gauging the efficiency of our strategies and investments in reaching our audience.”
Impressive they've learnt so much. The only knowledge I've gained is that regular Facebook users love their softcore pornography.

Emile is a postgrad from the University of Saint Mark and Saint John. He’s hoping to break into journalism or publishing, and won’t stop blogging until he’s managed it! Follow him @EmileAtSMF.

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