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App Lets You Stalk Your Fellow Passengers

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Quicket is a very useful app for the avid traveller. You can use it to book flights quickly and easily by searching through multiple airline carriers. You can even tailor your search, deciding on which connections to make and how much money you are willing to pay. Once your flight is booked, you can also track it and see when it will arrive, and it even lets you see the layout of the plane. This app will help you prepare for your flight, but there is still one variable that you cannot plan.
You can never know who you are going to be seated next to or who will be on your flight. Who you are sat next to can change your journey from a pleasant experience to a living hell. Don't get me started on being close to babies on a plane journey. But that is about to change, thanks to Quicket's new update.

Quicket have announced a new feature on their app that will let you stalk fellow passengers on Facebook, before you board the flight. This will let you discover who will potentially be seated on the plane next you and give you a chance to see if you both like 'Taylor Swift' on Facebook. 

The idea that a bunch of strangers could have access to your embarrassing Facebook profile pictures is more than a little disturbing but the new update isn't really that creepy. Only those who choose to turn on the 'social check in' feature will have their profiles viewed by the other passengers. Furthermore, only those who have the app can potentially view other traveller's profiles or let other people have access to theirs.

The app does have one disturbing feature: you can choose to remain anonymous, but still be able to stalk others. Next time you board a flight, that person giving you a funny look could have seen all the embarrassing selfies you chose to share on Facebook. While this app seems quite fun and innocent, making small talk with your plane neighbour a little less awkward, is this a glimpse into a dark future where all interactions involve social media networks?
What happened to good old small talk? This app should make conversation a little easier now you know a little bit of information about your fellow flier, but we should continue to value conversations with people you haven't stalked on Facebook beforehand. Instead of discovering details about a person's life as they tell you, it seems that now you will have to pretend to not have seen it online.

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