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Anonymous Hacks The KKK’s Twitter Account

Infamous 4chan Hackers Turn Good

The United States of America is currently gripped by the Ferguson trial. Nationwide, people are debating, discussing and protesting the way in which the death of an unarmed black 18-year-old at the hands of a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri is being handled. A court case is currently going on which will decide whether the death, which occurred in August, was unlawful. Racial connotations were quickly attributed to the entire investigation, and many communities feel strongly that if the police officer is acquitted, it will be because the dead young man was black while the officer was white.

This has led to measures as extreme as Missouri's governor declaring a state of Emergency. It's that serious.

To hear an expert's rendition of the Ferguson trial from August until this point, check out ABC's informative timeline. It explains the political and racial undertones far better than I could hope to, and I won't do the story the disrespect of acting like I know anywhere near enough about it to weigh in with my opinion on the trial as a whole.

One thing I do know, however, is social media. As with all modern news stories, which now tend to unfold live on the monitors we spend our lives staring at, the Ferguson trial is currently undergoing mass scrutiny on social media. Searching Twitter with the hashtag #Ferguson reveals a series of tweets with scarily different, violently passionate opinions. The trial is a racially sensitive hornet's nest, and the last thing it needs is people standing on the sidelines and prodding it from afar.

Unfortunately, there is one organisation that takes it upon themselves to rear their ugly white hoods during all delicate racial issues: the KKK. Still alive and well, the KKK have been spreading racist vitriol for hundreds of years. Only, instead of burning crosses in innocents' front gardens, they now behave in an even more cowardly manner: they make offensive tweets and hand out threatening posters about situations like the one in Ferguson.

However, one group have finally had enough of their undiluted hatred: Anonymous. Most famous for trolling whomever they feel like to gain cheap lulz, Anonymous have taken it upon themselves to let the KKK and its followers know that their views have no place in the 21st century. In response to the threats that were made by Klan members, Anonymous began Operation KKK (#OpKKK).

While 4chan's army is mostly famous for lashing out due to nothing but boredom, the individuals behind this particular operation made it clear from the beginning that they were not doing this to be funny.
"Just remember; This operation is NOT for fun. The reason of this operation is to bring freedom, respect, stop racism and violence. #OpKKK"
They began by revealing the names of various KKK members in the St Louis area. Undeterred, the KKK responded with the following message: “Our Kommunity is not at all scared of the threats from Anonymous. Just try us. You'll regret it. #WhitePrideWorldWide.” 

Big mistake.

On Sunday, Anonymous responded by doing what it does best: hacking the ever-loving hell out of everything in its wake. Come Sunday morning, Anonymous had gained control of the KKK's official Twitter handle. As well as showing off by posting up a picture of a rather fetching unicorn, they used the account to say the following:

The Ferguson trial continues to cause unrest across America, and is controversial enough without the KKK stepping in and stirring the pot with its abhorrent values. It is a situation that's politically delicate enough, so Anonymous quelling the KKK’s online involvement is actually, for once, incredibly admirable of them.

Fear not, though, I've no doubt they'll go back to chasing cheap laughs before too much time has passed.

Emile is a postgrad from the University of Saint Mark and Saint John. He’s hoping to break into journalism or publishing, and won’t stop blogging until he’s managed it! Follow him @EmileAtSMF.

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