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93% Of Recruiters Judge Applicants On Their Social Media Presence

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Jobvite, the self proclaimed ‘leading recruiting platform for the social web’, has today published its annual Social Recruiting Survey for 2014. The study surveyed a series of employers, quizzing them on their attitudes towards job recruitment, social media, the increasing role of the internet in potential employee headhunting and their own shift in focus towards a more digital, connected world.

Although the study is aimed primarily at employers, active jobseekers will find the results equally intriguing. After all, if we know how much emphasis companies place on our social media profiles, doesn’t that give us the perfect excuse to sit around all day ‘tweaking’ our Facebook profiles instead of preparing for the literally dozens of interviews that are sure to roll in now we know this information?
In an infographic, Jobvite reveal that 93% of employees will judge applicants based on their social media profiles. That means 9/10 of the jobs you have tried and failed to secure have checked your Facebook, taken one look at that frape you forgot to delete, and decided you weren’t good enough to work for their company. Harsh? Yes. Yes it is. 

However, we’re also told that 55% of recruiters will reconsider an otherwise unimpressive applicant on the basis of an impressive social media profile. So if you have recently managed to secure a job (congrats), it’s probably because they scoured your profile and saw nothing in the way of offensive frapes, drunken photos, controversial jokes or questionable opinions - in other words, you successfully managed to stifle all the things that make Facebook actually fun. Excellent work! 

Either that, or you took a bit of pride in your LinkedIn account. 
Although such a huge number claimed that social media helped in their decision of who to hire (or that it would very soon), only 18% felt they were actually 'more than proficient' in the use of social media. That's a huge difference, and shows how complicated the world of social media can be to those who don’t quite understand its quirks and intricacies - even to the ones who appreciate the hugely important role that social media now enjoys. But, according to Jobvite’s statistics, employers have been catching up in their social media abilities year-on-year since they started the survey seven years ago. Many now have dedicated social media managers, making it more important than ever to ensure your profiles are up to scratch.

Below is a small segment of Jobvite’s eye-opening infographic. Click here to see the rest at source.

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