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Twitter Loves Its Verified Users

Ticking All The Boxes

While looking for your favourite actor or actress on Twitter, you may have noticed that their account is accompanied with a blue tick.  That blue tick, only accessible to the rich and famous, means that their account has been verified, it isn't a parody or someone pretending to be a celebrity. This blue tick makes it easier for us fans to find our idol's tweets and follow their updates.

Twitter has received some criticism because of how they chose these verified users, but there is no doubt that the exclusive group of verified tweeters attracts a lot of users. Fans love to follow the updates and quirky tweets that give them unparalleled insight into the lives of their favourite superstar. We all remember Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie that broke Twitter and records

It is no wonder that Twitter want to encourage public figures to join Twitter, hoping that their presence on the social media network will attract even more users. In order to do so, Twitter has been giving its verified users some advantages over us small folk. Verified users could change their settings to see only see fellow verified users on their feed, but now they can also receive mobile alerts when a verified user starts following them.  

With these new updates, Twitter hopes to encourage more interaction between verified users. Who doesn't want to see their favourite actresses or actors tweet each other insults? Verified users conversations on Twitter attract a lot of attention, such as Luis Suarez tweeting Giorgio Chiellini, publicly apologizing for biting him. 

This new development could be seen as a part of Facebook and Twitter's ongoing competition to attract the most users. While some celebrities do take to Facebook to express their feelings, Twitter has always seemed like the most direct and unscripted way celebrities talk to their fans. Facebook has been trying to compete with Twitter by introducing a blue tick for its most prestigious users, as well as an exclusive app called Mentions

Mentions is only available for Facebook verified users; it lets our favourite celebrities see all the posts that they are mentioned in and allows them to respond directly to positive or negative comments. Whoopi Goldberg famously replied to Facebook user's status criticizing her films. This app also lets verified users have live Q&A sessions with their fans.

Laura is a recent graduate from University of East Anglia in Film and Television Studies, currently interning as a content writer but hoping to one day live off her writing. Follow her @LauraAtSMF.

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