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Twitpic Is Shutting Down

R.I.P Twitpic

Twitpic has undergone an emotional roller coaster. From announcing its shut down and then possibly being saved by an unnamed company to finally announcing its shut down for good today. Twitpic will be gone on 25th of October, leaving its users just enough time to export their data and pictures.

What is Twitpic?

Twitpic, unlike its name suggests, is not a part of Twitter. It was created in 2008, and lets you share pictures on your Twitter. It is important to note that Twitpic existed before you could share pictures on Twitter. It works in a similar way to other picture-sharing websites except that you can use your Twitter username and also share your pictures on Twitter.

Twitter have now introduced their own way of tweeting pictures, making Twitpic irrelevant. However, that is not the reason for Twitpic's shutdown. Twitpic and Twitter have been having problems over trademark issues. Twitter was happy for Twitpic to use their name until they tried to trademark it. Twitter threatened to cut off Twitpic's access to its application programming interface. This application is what lets Twitpic have access to Twitter to share its users' pictures.

Instead of fighting the social media giant, Twitpic decided to close shop. It did come close to being saved but couldn't reach an agreement with the company set out to buy it. Twitpic now joins a host of other websites that have been shut down since the beginning of the internet.

I highly doubt people will mourn the end of Twitpic in the same way as MSN or Bebo. Twitpic was rapidly becoming irrelevant, since Twitter introduced its own photo sharing website. Twitpic's disappearance will not be a major blow to Twitter, who will probably continue to function normally.

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