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Tourists Asked To Stop Taking Selfies With Bears

I'm Beary Sorry

You're enjoying a quiet morning walk at Taylor Creek, South Lake Tahoe, suddenly you hear a rustle of leaves behind you. You turn round quietly and notice that a big bear is eyeing you from between the trees. What would you do?

Common sense would dictate that you back away quietly and get out of the area as quick as you can without attracting the bear's attention. However, not everyone seems to listen to common sense anymore. More and more people are walking towards the bear instead of away. To take a selfie.

As we all know, a great an interesting selfie can get you many likes and temporary internet fame. So it is easy to imagine the appeal of getting a selfie with a live bear! Can you imagine the number of likes and shares if you got a picture with a bear in the wild! But the U.S Forest Service does not agree.

It has asked its visitors to stop trying to take selfies with the dangerous animals. Don't let their generally calm demeanor and cute faces fool you, these animals are very unpredictable and could potentially kill you. And that's what the U.S Forest Service is afraid of, It has reported that a mob of people would at times flock towards the bear to take a selfie rather than keeping away from it. There has been no deaths at Taylor Creek yet ,although a bear has charged a group of people.

This may seem like a laughing matter, but people who work at Taylor Creek are taking this new selfie craze very seriously. They have threatened to shut down, and not allow tourists to come for hikes in the area anymore, unless the tourists stop trying to take pictures with the large mammals.

Is this the price to pay for a few more likes on Facebook? Are people actually putting themselves in life-threatening situations just to get a little bit more attention on social media? The U.S Forest Service is right to get on top of the situation before it gets out of hand and someone actually dies. Let's hope that their warnings will not go unnoticed.

The only bear you are actually allowed to take a selfie with, is Smokey!

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