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Topman Makes Your Online Shopping Experience More Interesting

Personalised Shopping Goes Online

The best way to shop is most certainly from the comfort of your own bed, in your pajamas, unwashed and with a computer on your lap. However the advent of online shopping does not stop your favorite shops from being full of people on a Saturday afternoon. Even with online shopping you are still being bothered by hundreds of people also trying to shop for the next big thing.

Online shopping has not managed to get rid of the influx of people shopping on Saturday afternoon, because it gets rid of the social side of shopping. Shopping with your friends and even your mum is a lot more fun than browsing clothes in the middle of the night. Well now Topman are trying to combine online shopping with the social aspect of shopping.

From the comfort of your home, you can get personalized video-chat shopping sessions, essentially your own personal shopper. All you have to do is book an appointment online, log into Google+ Hangouts and get your own consultation. This could be really useful if you do not know what size to get, and you can even purchase the items directly during these sessions. Wouldn't it be great to be able to debate and discuss an item with someone before buying it online?

One small complaint is that it does lose the spontaneity of shopping online if you have to book an appointment. Furthermore this service is only available for Topman, who sell men's clothes; most of the boys I know would not bother with a personal shopper and just buy whatever. It's unclear how successful this venture will be, but it will inspire many more brands to do the same. The brilliance of it is that you no longer need a Google Plus account to use Google+ Hangout, so literally anyone can have access to the service.

This is quite a big departure from Facebook and Twitter's impersonal Buy Button. Topman are trying to give their audience a fuller online experience, personally giving them advice and making sure they get the best out of the product they buy.

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