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How To Nurture Your Online Presence

Stay Relevant On Social Media

There are so many companies on social media these days that it can be very hard to stand out. Being individual, contemporary, and different can all prove tough enough, but one of the sternest challenges facing businesses is purely staying relevant on social media platforms. Michael Lock from Hearsay Social puts it simply: “Unless you are on social media, then you don’t exist.”
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This is a sad reality of the 21st century, and in business terms this is particularly accurate. As social media marketing has developed, it is not enough to just create one profile on one networking site, as there are so many different options and opportunities to become successful.

In such a competitive world, there is the need to advertise across the board, but it is also crucial to post quality content. It is no good making a lot of profiles whilst posting information unrelated to the business plan, and uninteresting to potential clients.

Below are ways to keep content fresh, and above all stay relevant:


Building a good profile is a must, but it is no good if no one can locate it. Build a reputation across multiple platforms to ensure that folks from all across the internet can locate the business. Being on multiple networks makes it a lot easier for potential clients to find not only the business, but the specific side of the business they wish to find. This is good for company image, as it shows that all bases are covered not only in the physical, but also online.

Building Networks

This is an obvious one really, as network building results in more people interested in the business. This can be done via Facebook and LinkedIn, and joining relevant groups within these platforms will ensure that the business is connecting with others in the same industry. This can lead to positive referrals, and in the long term, more sales.
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Stay Contemporary

Listen not only to the audience directly interested in the business, but also to what is happening in the industry. Social media is great for this as sites such as Twitter can act as an informative feed, based on the accounts followed by the company. This may lead to new ideas and marketing strategies, which keep the business contemporary and diverse.

Frequent Posts

It is important to be active online, as there is no point in having all these accounts without putting them to good use. Frequent posting is crucial to show that the company is active, but for this a designated social media manager may have to be appointed, but in this case, it has its plus sides. The company’s image will improve due to the activity online, and this will lead to more interest in the products sold.

These are just a few pointers, but they will be valuable when attempting to keep a company relevant on social media. Relevance in this case means that the business should be contemporary in the information posted online, and also actively engaged with the audience that the company is attracting. Completing such tasks will ensure a successful future on social media in the business sector.

Alex is an English Literature and Sociology undergraduate whose love for written word has led him to write about some obscure topics in his time. Currently a content writer at Social Media Frontiers, be sure to follow him @AlexSatSMF.

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