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Social Media And Homework A Bad Mix

What To Do About The Social Generation? 

Many parents are facing a tough battle to get their children to complete homework due to the strong influence of social media. They feel that blocking internet access isn't working, as much of the homework set requires using research that needs to be conducted online.

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In a new survey for an Internet blocking service, 63% of the 2,000 UK parents polled, said that confiscating smartphones, tablets and other devices was a futile act. 70% of the parents feared that social media could distract children from their work.

In a more alarming statistic, 56% felt that using parental web filters could damage their relationship with their children, and this gives an indication of just how powerful social media has become in today’s society. The majority of parents declared that they wanted their children to develop the self-discipline to control their own internet use.

The survey was made up of parents of secondary school pupils, aged between 11 and 16, and the mother of 15-year-old Elly, from Worcestershire said: “What am I supposed to do? Stop her when she says it’s essential for her homework. But when she’s meant to be working, she’s actually on social media on the computer.”

“He took two hours to do his homework, 20 minutes doing it, the rest of the time mucking about on the web. Turn off the internet and he has a tantrum,” said another concerned parent.

The parent of a 12-year-old said that after an attempt to block the internet in her household, a rebellion had occurred: “She just sat there and didn’t do her homework for the whole time the internet was blocked.”

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These revelations are not exactly surprising as the reliance on social media is well documented. Many adults appear to be obsessed with documenting their lives on social networking sites, so imagine the impact it is having on children, who know no better than to seek fulfilment on social media.

Adults know what it is like to live without social media, as it is still a relatively new phenomenon, but children have been born into a new generation; one that finds it difficult to engage outside of the world that we know as social media.

This will inevitably have an impact on education, as it will act as a distraction. As education endorses the use of computers and other forms of technology, it will also have to deal with the increasingly popular social networking sites. They are a danger to the education system, and can halt the development of children due to the nature of it. It is a social experience, and this can be a positive thing, but like all things, moderation is required.

Parents and educators now face a new generation of pupils who are becoming increasingly over-reliant on technology, and more specifically, social media. Of course you can monitor children on a regular basis, but this shouldn't be necessary, and will only damage the concept of autonomy for many kids. Maybe it is just the generation we live in. One that has shifted from physical relationships and actions, to a new way of living; one that sells an idea of connectivity and togetherness, yet the reality is far from this seemingly unattainable dream.

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