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Rio Ferdinand Gets Three Match Ban After Questionable Tweet

Rio punished for Twitter behaviour

On September 1st, Rio Ferdinand received a tweet: "Maybe QPR will sign a good CB they need one." Instead of ignoring it, the Queens Parks Rangers (QPR) defender decided to respond: "get ya mum in, plays the field well son! #sket." While to some this may seem like a harmless tweet, the Football Association (FA) were clearly not happy.

Source: theindependant.co.uk
Two years after being fined £45,000 for calling Ashley Cole a 'choc ice', Rio Ferdinand's sentence was served: 3 match ban, £25,000 fine and he will have to attend an FA education program. This may seem quite a harsh sentence for a simple tweet, and what about freedom of speech? Shouldn't he be allowed to say what he wishes on his Twitter?

Rio Ferdinand called one of his follower's mum a sket, which is another word for prostitute. Firstly, this isn't really acceptable behaviour for someone in the public eye. Ferdinand has 5.93M followers, including probably some very young people. What sort of message is he sending to his young audience, that probably look up to him? That it is acceptable to call someone a sket? In my opinion, when you become famous, you have to accept that there are certain things that you can not longer say. You have to understand that every little thing you say or do on social media will be viewed by millions of people who may pass judgement or analyze every little thing you do. The internet is rife with celebrity's deleted tweets they clearly should not have sent.

Furthermore, as a footballer you represent the FA and so if they cannot ignore this type of bad press. If they had ignore inappropriate tweets from their footballers, they will be seen as a sexist or racist organization. The FA apparently also received a lot of complaints from the general public. They really don't need any more bad press. Maybe Rio Ferdinand's sentence is a bit harsh, considering it was only one tweet, but as someone in the public eye, you have to think before you tweet.

Source: careeralism.com
This does not mean that celebrities should not be allowed to express their opinions however controversial they may be. But being famous means that you have a certain influence that you cannot control. Think before you tweet does not only apply to people who have millions of followers on Twitter but also to everyone else. Recently, harsher sentences for trolls has been announced. You could be imprisoned for up to 2 years for sending abusive tweets.

The lesson to be learnt by everyone is that you should treat social media like you would face-to-face interaction. There are certain things you would never dream of saying to someone's face and yet they are made acceptable by hiding behind a computer screen. Also, the internet remembers. Just because a tweet was deleted does not mean that it is gone forever.

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