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Our Over-Reliance On Social Media

Can You Communicate Any More?

Every year, more and more devices are released by the likes of Apple and Samsung which allow us to place more emphasis on social media in our lives. From the iPad to the Samsung Galaxy, all of these pieces of technology seem to have a function that enables the population to connect to the popular social networking sites. But is this a good thing?

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One thing is for sure, we are more reliant on technology now than in any other period of history, and there is no evidence of this slowing down. As a culture, we are especially reliant on the aspect of human interaction that social media offers, and the message from the likes of Facebook and Twitter is that it is better to be connected in this way, yet in reality, they are dividing us more extensively.
American rapper and activist Prince Ea is a concerned citizen, and he recently created a hard-hitting video about why he refuses to let technology control his life. In the video below, he outlines the negative aspects of social media, and the impact it is having on day-to-day communication.

Many people have a love-hate relationship with social media, and whilst there is a general acknowledgement that it has done great things, there should also be an acceptance that like all things in life moderation is required, or else the consequences could be dire for all.

Check out the video by Prince Ea below.

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