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Can Money Buy Friends?

Are you sick and tired of Facebook ads? Have you had enough of what common people are posting on Facebook? You want to be a part of a social network with people who actually understand your problems? Do you have more money than you can spend? The Netropolitan Club would be perfect for you!

The Netropolitan is like any other social media website, except that to join you have to pay an entrance fee, an initiation fee as well as a yearly fee. That's $9000 (£5500) to join, $6000 (£3600) to be initiated and $3000 (£1800) per year. To join you'll have to fork out a total of $18000 (£10900) as well as paying a yearly fee.

The Netropolitan is pretty much exactly like Facebook: you can create groups, have discussions with other members, and post pictures, Unlike Facebook you have be over 21 and register using your real name, absolutely no aliases. The Netropolitan is seemingly just another version of Facebook but one where you have to pay, but there are other advantages in joining, There is absolutely no advertising and nor will there be. By joining you also get access to unlimited cloud storage with the promise than none of your personal details will be sold or given away. Monitors also look through the website for any abuse, online harassment or trolling, providing a much safer space than other big social media networks.

This social media network is basically a 'virtual country club' but it does warn its users that the service is not a concierge service, "our staff members will not book you a charter jet, or find you tickets to a sold-out Broadway show. Their assistance consists solely of helping members technically navigate and find their way around the social network."

This website does seem to promote elitism in the same way as The League, acting on the premise that the rich and famous can't and don't want to interact with the riff raff of the world. The social network creator, James Touchi-Peters says that the Netropolitan is useful to access a "global network of people who share a similar lifestyle with you." Does this mean that us normal people share absolutely nothing in common with the rich folk? So much so that they cannot even be a part of the same social media network as us?

One thing is sure, The Netropolitan does present some enormous advantages compared to Facebook with its no ad policy and the fact that it will actually protect your personal details. The fee to join is very high, but ideal for those that have more money than they can spend.

For those you can't afford The Netropolitan, there is always Ello, who also promises to to be ad free.

Laura is a recent graduate from University of East Anglia in Film and Television Studies, currently interning as a content writer but hoping to one day live off her writing. Follow her @LauraAtSMF.

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