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5 Ways To Win With Social Media

Make Social Media Work For You

Let's face it, if a marketing tactic doesn't serve to somehow influence sales, then the time and money invested in it is down the drain. Social media can drive sales, but it's easy to make mistakes and waste your time.

Here are five examples of those who succeeded:

Social Media Examiner: Michael Stelzner kept going after his vision of an online magazine devoted to social media, even after friends and business partners told him the Web did not need another social media blog. He got the website ready, then took a video crew to a couple of major events where he had access to some of the biggest names in social media. He then broadcast those videos on the website and backed them up with several articles each week. Now it is recognized as the best social media magazine in the world. “All we did was rely on social media to grow this,” Stelzner said.

Lesson: Don’t worry if everyone says you can’t when you know you can.

On Track Tips: Just a couple of years ago, Jason Wiser was struggling to get his company off the ground and figure out who his ideal customer was. Today, he is one of the most-followed and trusted small businesses on Google+. He also maintains a strong Twitter presence, a well-trafficked blog, YouTube presence, and hosts a podcast. Jason’s big leverage point:Repurposing content. He uses Google Hangouts On Air (HOA) to interview rock star gurus like Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan. Jason and his team then turn each HOA into a YouTube, a podcast, and a blog article. No one delivers more value or gets more out of each tactic than Jason Wiser. His next project: A general contracting site for getting online.

Lesson: Get the most use of out every piece of content you produce.

Culinary Connection: How does a startup school with no building and no teachers get started? Taking their unique idea to train chefs by placing them in the kitchen with those already excelling at the culinary arts, Culinary Connection visited top restaurants in the USA, then parlayed those visits into partnerships and testimonials. From there, word of mouth via social media — primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest — led to a mention on the Larry King Live show. Once potential clients see the wisdom of a the programme, the sale is almost a given. It’s getting the word out that is important, and social media, coupled with regular articles on their own blog, drives the message.

Lesson: Great ideas need to be announced – social media can help you do that.

Source: theconversation.com
StuKent: When Stuart Draper attended college, there was just one class in Internet marketing. Five years after graduation, that scenario hadn't changed much. That prompted Draper to create his own coursework and offer it to colleges as an online option. Stuart relied primarily on Twitter and Twitter Chats to begin getting the word out and build buzz. He then personally called department heads around the nation to get their buy-ins for the course. StuKent is changing marketing education at the collegiate level.

Lesson: Develop a plan for your social media work — always have a goal in mind.

Debbie White Agency: After setting sales records for Fortune 500 companies, White took her brand of low-pressure, high-results sales to clients on the speaking seminar circuit. After teaching some of the most influential speakers in the world how to sell, she began focusing her efforts on directly helping professionals and executives realize that everyone, even lawyers and bankers, is in sales. Debbie had little luck with Facebook, but found her best place for client mining to be LinkedIn.

Lesson: Use the social media sites and tools that best fit for YOUR audience.

The wise use of social media can propel your company to success. You should avoid fake accounts, pseudonyms, and any deceptive practices. Using your real name can open you up to online pirates, so be sure to take steps to protect your name and brand. Never, ever slander another company to make yours look good. Play fair and let the world know what you have to offer.

Written by TeamSMF

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