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Twitter: Save Time, Know More, Stay Current

How To Use Twitter To Build Your Brand

Launched in March of 2006, Twitter is a social media success story. On average, users now post more than 500 million tweets daily. Moreover, the use of hashtags (#) allows the grouping of similarly-themed tweets, meaning you can easily find and follow topics of interest.

twitter for business

Bottom line: Twitter is a powerful tool for media professionals looking to keep up with topical news, monitor a topic, research a topic, or network with others. If you think Twitter is irrelevant or full of talkers, think again. By utilising a few simple tools, you can reap valuable information with relatively little effort or cost.

And the more you know, the better prepared you are to make informed decisions.

What can you measure with Twitter?

You can't manage something you can't (or don't) measure. Twitter allows you a close look at a surprising number of important metrics, thereby giving you pertinent statistics and insight for strategic planning.

For instance, here are three important metrics you can easily determine about your Twitter account:

  • Follower Count: While not a stand-alone indicator of either popularity or interaction (follower count is easily skewed, just buy a few thousand), follower count does provide insight, especially when you look deeper to WHO is doing the following. No special tool is needed to determine this metric. Every Twitter profile reveals the total number of tweets, the number of followers, and how many others are being followed.
  • Follower Growth: This one takes some tracking over time. You can do that manually; simply record starting numbers on a spreadsheet and record the change at intervals. You can also find tools (paid and free) that provide growth tracking. Online services come and go, so it is always best to perform a current search for them. Check Twitaholic for an interesting look at a simple and revealing read out.
  • Reach: When you tweet, are you shouting down an empty pipe or are others really listening and reacting? Reach tells you how many others your messages are (potentially) touching. Want to know how much buzz a television special generated last night? Are you wondering how well a certain hashtag is doing? Try TweetReach on for size.
These three are but a beginning. Think about the metrics important to you. Chances are the tool to determine them is already developed and waiting.REMEMBER: Twitter data is almost entirely transparent. You can look deeply at the metrics for your own account and you can scrutinise the accounts of others.

twitter for business

Set up a listening post

Some Twitter services are free. Some are paid. Most offer both a lite (free) and intensive (paid) version. The possibilities are constantly in flux, with new tools and services popping up (and going away) on a regular basis.

By setting up a listening post, you can monitor any person, any company, or any topic being discussed on Twitter (which covers a whole lot of ground).

Here are a few of the best-known providers:

  • Hootsuite: One cool tool. Hootsuite is a command station for managing your own account, following other accounts, keeping up with the activity being generated around terms and hashtags — it is a full service monitoring tool. And you can not only listen to what is happening, but send out tweets (or schedule tweets to be sent later) directly from the dashboard. Even the free version is powerful. Hootsuite gets the Writer's Choice nod.
  • Topsy: If you've yet to be overly impressed by a social media research tool, this one might turn the tide. Social search, social analytics, social trends — Topsy churns out a user-friendly ton of data. Definitely take a look at Topsy.
  • SocialOomph: This service is similar to Hootsuite. Compare both to consider which would provide the best match for you and your needs. While the free version is not as robust as the one offered by Hootsuite, the premium model is stacked with research possibilities.
One more observation of importance: Twitter is especially powerful for finding out about mobile users. The 140-character limit for tweets matches the normal activity of text-messaging aficionados perfectly. The Compete 2012 study confirmed that one-fifth of all mobile Twitter use is on tablets — a growing segment as the industry evolves — with the majority being either Android or Apple tablets.

twitter for business

Why does type of device matter?

Mobile users tend to be more active, more engaged with brands, and more engaged with content. Once considered only a young person's favourite device, mobile has exploded. Even Grandma is carrying a smartphone — and she is using it.

By monitoring the Twitter terms, people, or topics that matter to you and engaging those who care about the same topics in conversation, you'll find out more, do more, earn more and have more fun.

Written by TeamSMF

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