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Social Media Marketing Tips: When Should I Be Posting?

What's The Best Time Of Day To Be Posting On Social Media

When it comes to digital marketing, timing is everything. If you’re not in the right place at the right time, you’re gone, swamped under a barrage of more recent posts. Your exposure can reach far wider and more instantly than old media, but compared to a billboard social media marketing, left untended, is pretty fleeting. So luckily for you, some tech geeks have been doing a bit of number crunching to help digital marketers know when exactly is the best time to post.

According to Buffer Social, overall engagement on social media is 18% higher on Thursdays. Perhaps workers are flagging and the prospect of the incoming weekend is just too much to handle, but the end of the working week seems a good bet if you’re keen to reach a few wandering eyes. Let’s look a little more in depth at some of the main social media networks:


Individual tweets have a very short life span – around 18 minutes in fact. Despite this, various studies have shown that engagement on Twitter peaks at the weekends with an approximate increase of 30%. During the week it is best to tweet between 1pm and 3pm, as most workers are taking their lunch breaks at this time, having a quick check up on what they’ve missed. Things pick up again later in the day, and apparently the best time for retweets is between 9pm and 1am.


Compared to the 15 minutes of fame for a tweet, Facebook posts manage a rather more impressive 90 minute span in which those all-important likes, shares and comments should be racking up. Similarly to Twitter, the end of the week Thursdays and Fridays are the best days to schedule your posts. It goes without saying that you should be posting regularly (multiple times a day), but for the really astute digital marketers apparently you should be looking at posting at 1pm if you want more shares, and between 2pm and 3pm for more likes and click-throughs.


Perhaps Google+ users are early risers, but the most engagement seems to happen between 9am and 12pm – don’t bother with posting anything after 7pm in the evening. Also, posting on that awkward middle-of-the-week-hump-day looks to work best for engagement on Google+.


LinkedIn is great for B2B, and research shows that peak times on LinkedIn are before and after the working day. Get up early and catch the conscientious professionals on Google+ and LinkedIn with a post between 6.30am and 8.30am or between 5pm and 7pmTuesdays and Thursdays have been shown to be the most popular days of the week for connected professionals.


Unlike the above networks, Pinterest sees the most engagement in the late hours of the day, from 8pm till the early hours of the next morning - presumably as bored and idle (and now tired) workers, scroll through an endless stream of beautiful escapism. Take advantage of their delirious state!

In terms of quality and quantity on social media, it’s kind of a question of doing the both. Obviously your posts have to contain and promote interesting and unique content, but the odd gripping article here and there won’t be enough to capture an audience – you need to be posting regularly and consistently to build up a reputable name. On Twitter look to post between 10-15 times a day, 2 or 3 times a day on your Facebook business page and once a day on Google+ and LinkedIn.

Obviously though these are just some suggestions; you are much better supplementing these figures with your own research. Track and measure your own metrics suitable for your business over a period of a month to trial which times of day work best and receives the most engagement. Good luck!

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