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Snapchat Teams Up With New York Fashion Week

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A few weeks ago, Snapchat introduced a new and exciting feature: Our Story. Our Story’s concept is pretty simple - it enables any users present at a same event to share their pictures and videos onto a live stream. On its Tumblr, Snapchat announced that they wanted “to build something that offered a community perspective- lots of different points of view.” From letting users share stories with their friends, to creating live event feeds, Snapchat is taking a step towards potentially monetizing itself.

After the success of Electric Daisy Carnival, this week users were able to watch New York Fashion Week snaps. Users present at specific fashion week events were able to add their own snaps to a Snapchat story, and Snapchat then went through all the pictures and videos that had been sent and chose only the best to be sent to all its users.These users were able to witness short videos of the fashion shows, exclusive behind the scenes images as well as celebrity selfies.

This provides a new way of following fashion week, especially for those who could not make it to New York. All people present at these fashion week shows are usually always live tweeting or Instagramming, making it possible to follow the action even if you were not in New York. Snapchat took this one step further, making it stand out from other social media websites, by editing the live feed to contain only the best material. Snapchat delivered a concise feed that delighted all fashion lovers around the world.

However, not everyone could participate in Snapchat's new endeavour as only the people present at Snapchat’s sanctioned fashion week events were able to send in their pictures and videos. This did not include all fashion events, giving Snapchat the opportunity to choose specific events and brands they want to include or not.

In the future, the image sharing app could potentially monetise Our Story by making events or brands pay to be able to create their own live feed. Because of Snapchat’s enormous appeal - there are currently 30 million monthly active users - Our Story has the potential to reach a lot of people. Snapchat also wants to appeal to a wider audience than just fashion lovers, with an American Football live feed earlier this week.

If you are not interested in New York Fashion Week,or American Football, fear not. Snapchat does not force any of its users to watch Our Story; much like the My Story feature you can choose if you want to watch it or not. If this is the direction Snapchat have decided to take, it is easy to think that in the future we may have to sit through sponsored snaps before viewing and sending our own.

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