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Snapchat Sisters Seek To Sue

Messenger Service Faces More Legal Trouble 

If you’re one of Snapchat’s 100 million plus monthly users, you've probably come across the two sisters adorning most of its marketing. The girls, convinced by Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel to model back in 2011, had no idea that Snapchat was destined to become colossal. Now, Sarah and Elizabeth Turner's pictures are forever synonymous with one of the most influential apps in cyberspace.

So why do they want to sue Spiegel for whatever they can get?

The problem is with Snapchat itself. Since its release, the app has increasingly become a tool synonymous with selfies, sexting and so-called 'Snapchat sluts' - girls who have used the service to send out scantily clad images of themselves and wound up having their pictures shared online. The sisters, who posed in bikinis on a California beach, have been stuck with the same stigma.

Searching  'Snapchat sluts' on Google (not recommended while at work) even returns pictures of the girls - whose images have been robbed of their innocence due to the app's sexualised perception. Furthermore, an article (if you can call it that) on TMZ claims that the girls have accused Snapchat of manipulating one of the photos to make it appear more sexualised than it really was. According to the article, the sisters modelled as a personal favour to Spiegel. Three years later, they're seeking compensation for the dirty reputation they now both suffer from.

An out of court settlement seems the most likely outcome.

In the past few months, Snapchat has been embroiled in another court case. Frank Reginald Brown, who attended Stanford University with Spiegel, claimed he was owed millions due to being the one who came up with the concept of the app. He was eventually ousted from the company before it really took off. In court and private settlement discussions, he demanded up to a third of the value of the app - which is currently estimated to be worth up to $10 billion.

While the two girls will presumably demand far less than that, it's another embarrassing case for Snapchat's CEO to deal with. It seems to be an increasingly common trope of wildly successful start-ups that those involved in the service's creation will eventually split up, sue each-other or simply hate each-other. Just ask Mr. Zuckerberg.

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