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Social Media Helps You Drink Alone

It's your friend's birthday and you want to do something more than just write a generic 'Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day' post on his wall. No problem! Facebook have teamed up with Anheuser-Busch so you can give your Bud a Bud without leaving the house.

Anheuser-Busch are currently testing out a campaign with Facebook where you can gift your friend a beer via Facebook. There are currently two different ways of gifting your friends with a Budweiser, Buds for Buds where you can give them one for any occasion and Bud Light Birthday where your friend can earn a Bud Light on their birthday. At the moment this enterprise is only available in Chicago and Denver, in participating bars and restaurants, and only to people above the age of 21.

What the scheme does not say is whether you will be sharing your free beer with your friend or whether you will be sitting on your own in a bar, thanking your friend through Facebook chat. Because of the limited reach of the campaign, if you live in Chicago or Denver it would seem much easier and quicker to just go out with your friend and buy them a beer rather than going through the whole ordeal on Facebook.

This seems to be a growing trend among social media, with Starbucks also involved in a similar sort of scheme but with Twitter. The Tweet A Coffee scheme is fairly simple, all you have to do is link your Starbucks and Twitter accounts, tweet someone a coffee and they will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card. According to a recent study, this scheme has generated $180,000 in sales.

While Tweet A Coffee's success makes sense, because people would usually get their coffee alone in the morning before work, especially at Starbucks, it seems unlikely that a Bud for a Bud will follow in Tweet A Coffee's footsteps. While the novelty of the idea will prompt a lot of people to send their friend a beer, you would usually buy your friend a beer anyway. What is the point of a free beer if you can't share it with a friend in a bar, with smart phones turned off so you can enjoy each others company?

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