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PopKey Replaces Your Keyboard With Animated Pictures

Something’s Gotta Gif

12/11/2014 Edit: wow. November 11th. The future is, like, here. Since publishing this article, Popkey has finally been released. How exciting! Get it here. Seriously. Do it. 

The English language is in a constant state of evolution. As regularly as clockwork, new words are invented, fresh colloquialisms are introduced and new idioms emerge from humanity’s hive-mind. Our lexis adapts notoriously quickly - it’s why no-one reads Shakespeare nowadays. But words is difficult. Language are hard. And what’s the point in grammar, anyway; I've never used a grammar in my life, and I've turned out just fine.

Thankfully, thanks to new iPhone app PopKey, the art of conversation will soon die. The introvert shall finally inherit the Earth, and those who’ve been wasting their lives bothering to actually talk to each-other will probably feel a little bit silly. That's because PopKey will replace your keyboard with gifs. Millions and millions of animated gifs.
Forced into a conversation about the state of Scottish politics? Not sure you care if they become independent or not? Then bam! Enjoy the facepalming panda, Grandma, because it’s the closest you’re gonna come to a political debate with me.

Or maybe, like me, you’re fed up of all those stunning girls texting you, asking you to meet up with them because you seemed so amazing and good-looking when you met clubbing the night before. Well now, finally, you can shut them all up without having to resort to letting them down gently. Bam, ladies! Facepalming panda. Read it and weep.

Once you've downloaded the app (which I've no doubt you will), just click the globe icon at the corner of your keyboard, whack in a couple of keywords (‘panda’ and ‘facepalm’, usually) and PopKey will deliver you the looped gold that best fits your circumstances. When you have your pic, long press it and then paste it into your conversation. While being able to just click the image of your choice would be nice, this is certainly a quicker option than opening up Safari, Googling your image, copying it, then opening up your messenger app and pasting it in.

PopKey will come with a selection of gifs already uploaded, but if they happen to be missing the one you need then you can upload your own for a more custom experience. Once you've uploaded one, it will stay in the app’s list of usable animations, meaning you can quickly find it again at a later date.

Depressingly, PopKey hasn't been released yet. Even more upsetting is that the developers haven’t given us a release date, meaning it could still be a while away. If, like me, you’re desperate to get your hands on the single greatest app to ever be conceived, you can sign up for updates on their website here.  

Seriously, do it.

In fact, to ensure you don’t forget, I’ll end the article now. I did have something incredibly important and witty to say, but you signing up to that website is way more important than anything I could ever hope to type out. In fact, I won't even bother finishing this senten

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