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Muslims Take A Stand Against ISIS

#NotInMyName Trends On Twitter

ISIS, or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, has successfully used social media to spread their message. The modern terrorists know which hashtags to use and what social media platforms are best suited to spread their extremist material. This has helped fuel a big misrepresentation of a big majority of Muslims and growing Islamophobia. A British charity. the Active Change Foundation, have taken to Twitter to urge Muslims to take a stand against ISIS and its religious extremism.

British Muslims have started the movement with tweets featuring #notinmyname. These British Muslims are taking to social media to distance themselves from ISIS publicly but also to show that another form of Islam exists - something that is easy to forget with the amount of media coverage ISIS's extreme form has.

This campaign has received some criticism as some individuals feel that Muslims are apologising for ISIS's actions. In their opinion, it should be obvious that not all Muslims are linked and that they all agree with what ISIS has been doing. Like all Twitter campaigns, #notinmyname has the potential to backfire, and a parody hashtag was created: #muslimapologies. People are apologising for a range of things such as algebra, universities and chemistry.

It does seem a bit ridiculous that we are asking Muslims to apologise for ISIS's actions when no other community has been asked to do the same. For instance, no Catholics took to Twitter, on a large scale, when priests were linked with sexually abusing children. However. the #notinmyname campaign is not about apologising, it is about standing up to say that the actions of one small part of the Muslim community do not represent the actions of all those in that community. It is also about standing up publicly against ISIS and telling them that it is not acceptable to murder in your name, to use your faith to justify all the horrors perpetuated. Hopefully this campaign will help fight against the stigmatising of the Muslim community and stop individuals from associating being Muslim with agreeing with everything ISIS does.

While social media enables this sort of positive message to go around, its downfall is that it just as easily spreads ISIS's violent and hateful messages, despite social media networks working with  the authorities to delete ISIS's tweets and accounts.

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