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Liking A Facebook Post Could Get You Fired

More Than Your Job's Worth

Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are the ideal place to go on a rant about things going wrong in your life. The barista at Starbucks misspelled your name? Let's post it on Facebook. Your train was a few minutes late? Let's post in on Facebook. You get the drift. However, when something goes wrong in your place of work what is the protocol for posting about it on Facebook? What happens if your employer sees it? Could you get fired?

Employees at Triple Play Sports Bar in America recently found out the answer to that question. These employees learnt that they owed more in income tax than they expected because of a mistake Triple Play Sport Bar made. This issue was discussed at work and employee's concerns were taken into consideration.

A former employee posted a Facebook status about it: "Maybe someone should do the owners of Triple Play a favor and buy it from them. They can't even do tax paperwork correctly!!!Now I OWE money...Wtf!!!". As a former employee, this person obviously has no longer any affiliation to Triple Play but two employees saw this post, Because they agreed or sympathized with the former employee, one of them posted a comment and the other only liked the post.

The next day, both of them turned up to work to find out they had been fired. Even the person who had liked the Facebook post, something you do sometimes without thinking, was fired from their job. Obviously both sued Triple Play Sports Bar for unlawful termination. The National Labor Relations Board sided with the employees and Triple Play had to give them their jobs back. This has shown that even do something as little as liking a Facebook could get you fired.

Using social media to vent about your work place, even though it worked out for both employees, is probably not a good idea. A lot of people have gotten fired for a fiery status but now you might also be careful about comments and likes. A like may seem like such an insignificant thing to do, but as this employee learnt it was enough to get them fired.

Laura is a recent graduate from University of East Anglia in Film and Television Studies, currently interning as a content writer but hoping to one day live off her writing. Follow her @LauraAtSMF.

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