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Hipster Emojis – Can It Get Any Worse?

Clog Up Your Storage Space With Some Pictures Of Starbucks Coffee And Ray Bans

Fixie bike? Flat white? Preposterous 1920’s moustache? If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be interested in a new app, Hipmoji. ‘Unleash your inner hipster’ says the tag line, in what is presumably meant to be an enticing offer. Created by Californian web development company Cookies & Milk (the most hipster of snacks), the new hipster-themed emoji service could be the best/worst app - delete as appropriate - to hit smartphones since Butt-o-meter.

The app offers a wide range of emojis, which is being added to continuously, but some stand out hipster emojis so far include: a selfie, a joint, Beats headphones, a moustache, a TOMS shoe and a pair of Ray Bans. Unfortunately, due to Apple’s strict policy on potentially offensive imagery online, the middle finger and marijuana leaf emojis did not make it into the first batch, but the developers assure us they’re working on it.

So far, Hipmoji has two main features. The first allows you to send these totally quirky icons via text or email; the second, which will appeal to the generation of Instagrammers, allows you to upload photos then superimpose an appropriately mocking emoji onto it.

The app is free for download on the Apple Store, although it will cost you 99p to remove the watermark and banner advertisements.

We are told that Hipmoji merges popular culture with modern communication styles, through its innovative photo sharing and editing app. Users will easily recognise emojis, as each one cleverly reflects the current trends that prevail today. Much to the annoyance of the majority of the internet population, this will no doubt prove to be a pretty popular app and soon Pharrell’s irritating cowboy hat will have cemented its place in pop culture forever.

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