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Amazon Team Up With Twitter Just In Time For Christmas

Hark! The Hashtag Angels Sing

People that are obsessed about Christmas have excitingly shared the good news on Facebook and Twitter that there are fewer than a hundred days till Christmas. We are down to double figures! It is time to start writing your letter to Father Christmas. However, you know that Grandma never really gets the memo and you end up with another ugly knitted jumper. Luckily things are about to change.

Amazon has already introduced the Amazon Wish List, a very simple concept. You are browsing Amazon and you see something that you really like and need to own immediately. Unfortunately, you can't afford to get it and so you put it on you wish list. Close to Christmas or your birthday you can share your wish list with family and friends and get exactly what you want as a gift. No more unexpected presents.

And now instead of spending all day browsing Amazon to find the perfect thing you can use Twitter to fill up your wish list. All you have to do is link your Twitter account with your Amazon account and you can get started. While looking at tweets you see an Amazon product that you really want, and all you have to do is reply to the tweet containing the link with #AmazonWishList. Amazon will then proceed to add it to your wish list and you will hopefully discover it under your tree.

For those who wonder how Twitter's 'buy button' will work this is a great example of how easy it will be to shop while using social media. As soon as you see something you like you can get it immediately, or in this case it will be added to your wishlist and you can buy it later or get a family member to get it for you.

There are some issues with the hashtag: it only works for Amazon products, obviously, and you need the link for the product. One of the easiest way to get access to all these things is to follow Amazon on Twitter and every day you will see a tweet about some obscure object that you can add to your wishlist with one hashtag. It is a good promotional stunt from Amazon and from Twitter but it seems just as simple to search on Amazon for something you might like and add it to your wishlist from their website.

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