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You Waste Your Day On It, Now Earn From It

Tips On How To Bag A Job On Social Media

With social media being used for all types of things these days; communicating, campaigning, shopping, anthropological studies and even rumours of its facilitation in diagnosing illnesses, the thought that you could bag a job from your online credentials is hardly that surprising.

However, as it has been so often seen, many people get social media wrong, ending in cringe worthy results and causing potential chaos across the web.

Despite the potential pitfalls of social media, the vacancy figures for social media jobs has risen sharply by 1,357% since 2010 and this is reflected from the 5 million people on LinkedIn claiming to be social media experts.

But with these 5 million self-confessed 'social media experts' comes some very fierce competition. So how do you separate yourself from the crowd and earn yourself a job in the most saturated industry in society?

The answer simply boils down to experience and having the initiative to present and flaunt it to the right people, on the right platforms, and at the right time. Mary Thomas, social media and Microsoft Office trainer and owner of concise training, says that there is no 'right' way to do social media, but there are lots of people doing it badly out there. She goes on to explain that some training to help sharpen up your social media skills could be the answer to success.

It seems almost unbelievable that anyone would need that much social media trainer these days if any at all but Victoria McKevitt, director of digital marketing, iProspect agrees and emphasises that "social is getting more integrated and less siloed" and that social media marketing now requires "a lot rounded skills and abilities such as an understanding of brand, marketing, planning, writing and good design as well as a good judgement." 

This social media training is now more commonplace and is easily available to help you keep on top of all that is social- universities and other training centres such as City and Guilds are incorporating social media and marketing training into their qualifications. So who is thought to be best suited to this kind of training?

According to Mike Cornwell- Chief Executive of the Institute of Direct Marketing which launched the first digital marketing qualification in partnership with Google in 2005- the social media qualification is best for 3 groups of people:
  • People coming out of university, whether or not they want to go into marketing, who want to make themselves more attractive to employers.
  • People who have been marketing generalists that wish to specialise in social media. This is often taken with a new role or a promotion in mind.
  • People aged 40+ who initially came into the marketing industry long before they needed to know about social media. They perhaps have now reached a level in their jobs where they are realising the need for social media skills.
However, companies may see the prospect of having to pay for further training for employees and a turn off and a train on resources but Cornwell defends the social media training saying that companies who invest in social media train for it's employee's will also, in the long run, make an investment in their business and its success, "The more people practice social media professionally, the better the industry."

Hi my name is Julie! Fresh out of university studying journalism, I love to have a good laugh and I believe in always keeping an open mind. In my spare time, if you don't catch me between two pages of a book, you'll most likely find me in front of the computer or the TV! I also like to make cakes if I have the time (and the ingredients!)... or as my friends like to call them, Bundy Buns. Make sure you follow me @JulieAtSMF.

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