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Twitter Introduces Video Adverts

Advertisers To Pay Per Click

The drive to make a profit from social networking is one of the biggest hurdles modern digital media companies face. With all the various methods through which companies can promote themselves online – promoted statuses or tweets, associating their brand with existing social media celebrities, running their own profiles – many shy away entirely, wary of the difficulty in drawing a precise correlation between any of these types of engagement and measurable return.

In order to tempt these companies into investing their advertising budget in social media, digital media companies are always on the look-out for new features to draw the user’s eye.

In that vein, Twitter has today released the beta version of embedded video ads in users’ streams, a notable step forward for a company still striving for profitability.

The move comes on the heels of Facebook’s introduction of auto-playing video ads in users’ timelines late last year, with some minor differences.

Twitter’s video ads will not autoplay – users have to click on the video in order to watch it. As well as making it easier to measure how many people an advert actually reaches, this feature will also hopefully avoid the ire which some Facebook users felt when their News Feed was suddenly filled with videos playing whether they wanted them to or not. Many Facebook users complained that these videos were both an unwelcome distraction and an unnecessary drain on their phone’s battery.

More significantly for those companies looking to utilise the feature, Twitter will only charge advertisers per click rather than a flat rate. Considering Facebook allegedly charges around $2 million a day for a video ad on their site, advertisers may consider Twitter better value for money. Those investing in promoted videos will also gain free access to analytics on their post, laying out data showing the engagement and reach of the videos.

Twitter is also hoping that this new initiative will demonstrate to advertisers that while growth in the site’s number of registered users has slowed, the site has a much larger ‘ghost audience’ of users who read tweets without being logged in. By granting advertisers access to analytics regarding individual tweets the site may convince those who are still uncertain as to the value of large-scale investment in social media.

As the feature is still only in beta only approved brands and verified individuals will have the ability to post embedded Promoted Videos, with the process becoming more streamlined in the coming weeks.
It’s a sensible move for Twitter. Research has shown that users are far more likely to engage with video content than with the banner ads which have been the bread and butter of online advertisers for so long, and the popularity of apps like Vine and Snapchat have shown that the valuable millennial demographic will lap up video content – as long as it’s interesting enough to hold the fickle user’s attention.

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