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Using The Right Marketing Language On Social Media When Doing Business Worldwide

Do you use different strategies and approaches when doing social media marketing internationally? 

As I write this from Peru, where I visit every year, I am closely watching and researching  the different uses and strategies being implemented using social media not only here but in different parts of the world.  
What I have found is that the speed of economic development of a country is directly connected to the way social media is being used.
Six to seven years ago in the United Kingdom for example, social networks were THE up and coming marketing and communication tools of choice for people and businesses. However even with the time that has passed and despite the general acceptance and interest of social networks growing greatly, the strategies that were being used back seven years ago have not changed very much in the intervening period.

Here in Peru and in many fast developing countries in South America, the speed at which change takes place and overall growth in interest in social media is quite phenomenal. Just four years ago, social networks were only being used on a limited basis even for social activities. In late 2014, social networks are being relied upon in almost every area of life! 
Businesses not only use social media for marketing, but to communicate internally with their employees. They have progressed from not using it at all to firstly using it as a marketing tool to in some cases now depending on it as almost the only marketing and sales tool for their entire business.

 Community management has become integral to the sales process of businesses here while in Europe, community management is commonly used on the fringes sometimes being used to attract potential clients, retain clients, to develop brand advocates or to do CRM but rarely all at once.
Doing ROI calculations has never been so easy especially if you are engaging in Social media marketing in South America.
Getting approval for a mortgage and having property has never seemed as easy as it is now in South America, with shopping centres and malls being built at a very fast speed and all of them full of buyers constantly 12 hours a day every day. Properties are being bought and sold over shorter periods with every passing month it seems, with prices increasing all the time.
Interestingly you can see a similar effect when doing social media marketing with more and more individuals and businesses jumping on board and using it to increase their profits rapidly. You can now get an immediate result not only through communicating with potential clients but by converting connections into clients on social media directly which has never been as easy to do in Europe.  You don’t even need a great knowledge of social media marketing to get results quickly, all you need is the right strategy for your business and you can almost immediately guarantee your monthly sales quota being reached or exceeded.
So I ask you again, are you implementing the right strategies on social media when doing businesses internationally?
Facebook pages are not only shops open 24 hours a day  but they are the Pinterest of the Latino American world.
House wives are not afraid of creating an online business.  It is almost common place now to have an online business as a house wife.  They are creating businesses everyday selling all types of products and services such as interior design services, birthday cakes for kids, party organizers, and consultancy online, all directly promoted on Facebook.
The results of the businesses are revenues of up to $10,000 a month from home while taking care of their kids and only using Facebook and Twitter.

In terms of personal communications, it has now gotten to the point that people don’t exchange telephone numbers any more but instead they exchange Twitter handles or Facebook IDs when they meet. Birthday invitations for kid’s parties are a relic of the past as in many cases birthday invites are only being sent via Facebook events.
You do not have to have a contacts list of your friends and family in your phone any longer, just keep an eye on your Facebook messenger.
Who said whatsapp was the next way of communication? What works in one part of the world is not necessarily what works in others.
That is why it is so important to use the right strategies and understand the uses of social media in each part of the world where you are looking for clients. Make sure you are speaking not just their language but the same level and type of communication.

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