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Social Media At The Flick Of The Wrist

Social Media Made Wearable

Forget the iPhone 6, the newest gadget you need to know about is the Hicon – dubbed the ‘Social Bangle’ it’s a smart new wristband that makes social networking wearable. Only 13mm wide and with six social media platforms, the new bracelet design quite literally brings social networking to the flick of the wrist.

Confused? Let us explain. The water and sand proof wristband connects wirelessly to any smartphone through the use of an intuitive app and Bluetooth. The silicone bangle is loaded up with six interchangeable buttons for your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. When an alert is sent to the owner’s smartphone, the bangle will gently vibrate and illuminate the icon of the social network being alerted. If you’re busy or don’t want to attend to the notification, you simply gently shake your wrist. Always losing your phone? The Hicon can be used to locate phones in a radius of up to 80 metres.

The wristband can be used in situations where a phone or desktop is inappropriate, such as on flights, playing sports, at the office, on the beach or driving. No longer do we need to carry around those cumbersome mobile phones!

It’s not just designed to connect you to the online world – the wristband’s designers see it as a tool for fuelling real life interactions. When a Hicon wearer with similar interests (as indicated in the mobile app) is in the near vicinity, the wristband will light up and act as a not-so-discreet wingman. Wearers can add contacts and exchange social media profiles by giving fellow wearers a high-five, handshake or fist bump. The ‘match’ function is meant to help people meet up and keep in contact online and in the physical world but it does feel a bit like a Tinder nightmare. It does beg the question, are we really so reliant on technology that we can’t organise a simple meet up with a friend? Do we need a buzzy bracelet to facilitate communications and social engagements? It seems so.

In terms of getting the project up and running, the team behind Hicon turned to the online community to source funding for their invention, appropriate for the latest social media gadget. To manufacture and make it available for purchase, the companu launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign  – it aims to gain $40,000 USD and draw to a close on August 19th this year so that the finished project is available in October or November. So far the campaign has raised over $2,500 from over 40 backers since its launch at the end of June.

As a result of the online crowdfunding and forum, the wristband's design has been improved. Following their supporter’s feedback and ideas the wristband was made slimmer and with a more aesthetic interface.

In terms of specs, the Hicon uses Bluetooth 4.0 to stay connected with your smartphone, compatible with both Android and iOS. The battery will last a full fortnight and takes only 40 minutes to charge via USB. It’s available in six colours: dark, light, Placid Blu, Violet Tulip, Freesia and Celosia Orange.

The Hicon’s designers, technology experts and trade magazines are all showing high hopes for the new product. It’s not going to replace laptops or mobile phones any time soon but coming in at under $100 it is certainly a more affordable option than the latest iPhones and accessories.

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