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LinkedIn As The Next Marketing Trump?

Top Content Marketers Call On LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not appear to be your average social network (there’s a distinct lack of holiday snaps and ice bucket challenges), and sure, this comes from the site’s professional recruitment background; however, marked changes have been rolling in over the last few months which set LinkedIn up for a move into something beyond just a recruiting tool and into the realm of social and marketing.

There’s been a push for content and publishing, focused around its dedicated news service LinkedIn Today. The folk at Collective Content, a UK based content marketing agency, have been looking closely at the growing importance of LinkedIn as a marketing channel.

In terms of marketing activity mobile comes in last, with the company blog, email newsletters and Facebook presence middling together, whilst LinkedIn rivals the importance of the company website and physical events in terms of top marketing techniques.

Tony Hallet, founder and MD at Collective Content, even goes as far as saying that LinkedIn is no longer about getting noticed by headhunters – ‘in some ways it has become the ultimate content marketing platform and business community’. 

The potential for LinkedIn in this arena is clear – a web of around 300 million professionals keen to engage and interact with one another on a personal level and also at B2B level, sharing highly specialised knowledge and business acumen.

The news platform at Linkedin Today could become something of a Bloomberg or Reuters, providing trusted and exclusive content and news to business professionals (monetising this would not be hard either). Indeed, the site’s Influencer programme already offers a similar service which sees leader contributions from the world’s most influential figures (think Obama and Branson) writing exclusive and invite-only pieces.

If Collective Content’s predictions are correct, we will soon be seeing LinkedIn as something of a publishing powerhouse. Companies would be encouraged to create their own original content which would be shared (to those 300 million eager professionals) on a branded LinkedIn hub.

So for all you would-be writers out there worrying that you’ll never be paid for your gloriously witty and insightful words…there’s hope yet. And maybe have another go at your LinkedIn profile.

Katie Rowley 

Recent graduate and now interning as content editor, when she's not writing articles Katie can quite likely be found festival-ing, holiday-ing or reading a book (dedicated English student that she is). Follow her @KatieAtSMF.

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